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In the media environment today, audiences are left to sort through a morass of media messages. In order to keep my content relevant in a competitive market, I stay up-to-date with editing platforms, including all of Adobe's creative suite. I enjoy fluctuating between live and animated images to keep content fresh and engaging. 


Growing up with a dad who worked in the commercial industry, sightings of multimedia equipment of all shapes and frequencies were common in my household. I became fascinated with his equipment and the multimedia world he used it in. My start was amateurish — an entry level camcorder was my engine and my fuel, my creative hand and imagination.

As my experience grew, so did my interests. I became interested in more than just the appeal, but the rhetoric of the image. That the image allows us to develop opinions about people, places and events physically unknown to us lead me to pursue and receive a B.A. in media studies from the University of California, Berkeley. I envision a time when images do more than entertain, but galvanize people on issues of significance. It is my desire to be a responsible proponent of  multimedia by creating content that both appeals to and informs our public. 


Email: devincuevas85@gmail.com
Tel: (707) 953-0551


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